Tassu ESP Oy is a technology supplier which commercialises new EDF - electric diffusion charging innovation from the Tampere University of Technology to eliminate these small and dangerous particles from their primary sources. Tassu ESP Oy was established in 2008 by four aerosol experts from Tampere, and after intensive R&D and a pilot stage, the technology is now available for various industries including domestic bio fuel combustion (e.g. heating boilers, fireplaces and other furnaces), glass and glass wool manufacturing, large diesel engines, the metal industry.

Dust, i.e. particulate matter – PM, in the air that we are breathing is an increasingly hot topic in the debate of public health. The latest studies show that there are hundreds of thousands of premature deaths in Europe annually, caused by fine particulate matter. Small and fine particles are dangerous for human beings, because these are the particles that pass through the pulmonary alveolus in the lungs and end up in your blood circulation.