Show you care about the air!

We breathe as an average 10.000 liters of air every day.
Clean air helps us to stay healthy, but the air we inhale contains dangerous particles which enter into our blood circulation.

Dirty air - do you prefer to breath it or clean it - Tassu EDF is the solution!

Application Areas

Domestic Heating

We all demand clean air

In many countries one of the biggest sources of fine particles is domestic wood combustion. Especially during the winter months abr. 40% of all fine particle emission is generally caused by domestic wood combustion.

Emissions are a real and serious risk for our health and with abatement technologies you can help the situation! The fact is that bio fuel combustion emission is a major reason for fatal deceases. Emission limits have been reduced during the past years and the pressure for even lower pollution levels increases in the coming years.

What you can do to reduce the combustion emissions at home? Improved combustion technology together with auxiliary filter devises is the solution now and in the future.

Tassu EDF is a novel technology based on electric diffusion charging, which solves the problem. EDF charger is installed in your combustion devise and plugged in the electric source-“plug and play”. Dust is collected in the ash box and is then removed during normal cleaning/maintenance routines.

Application Areas

Commercial Cooking

Eat it or Breath - it may be fatal for you!

Commercial charbroiling emissions are a significant source of ambient particulate matter in the neighborhood we live in. Meat cooking operations have been identified to contribute significantly to urban organic aerosol concentrations.

Cooking one 150 gram patty of hamburger meat it creates more fine particles, than a modern truck driving more than 200 km! Scientific studies clearly indicate that the problem is real and there are regulations under way to demand the reduction of these emissions in order to ensure us cleaner environment for everybody. Tassu EDF is an auxiliary solution to help to reduce the environmental load to our neighborhood.

Application Areas


More than the spirit rises to the sky…

Each crematorium emits roughly 10.000-20.000 cubic meters of exhaust gas per day. If not filtered it equals to roughly 50 kilograms of harmful nanoparticles per year to your neighborhood.

Helcom emission regulation recommends existing large crematoriums around the Baltic Sea to meet stricter emission limits by the year 2020. This creates a major challenge to meet these new limits economically in existing facilities. The challenge is even greater where space is limited and buildings are typically protected by the authorities like National Board of Antiques or other national institutions.

Tassu has technical solution which uses minimal space and energy to achieve adequate pollution control in your crematorium. System includes energy recovery to enable heating of your facilities or even to create electric power.

Wet Scrubbing

Your power plant stack emission is not just steam!

Wet scrubber technology alone has challenges to meet PIPO (National emission limits in Finland) and other European regulations related to power plant emissions. New emission limits will require the usage of multi stage abatement technologies for dust.

The way to avoid a major investment is to enhance your wet scrubber particle removal efficiency in small size bio fuel power plants. Wet scrubber can equipped with Tassu EDF charges in order to improve particle removal, especially fine and nanoparticles.





Clean Air for Everybody

Tassu EDF has major improvements and advantages compared to conventional ESP. The diffusion charging technology uses clean air flow ionization, where the ions are injected into the bypassing process gas flow. These unipolar ions repel each other thus filling the gas space immediately. The ions round on the particles in the gas flow and give them charge. Once the particles have enough charge they start to move towards the opposite polarity metal surfaces of the boiler or other combustion device.

The patented EDF design is based on the amount of process gas, particulate matter density and desired cleaning efficiency. The Tassu EDF can be used in high temperatures and dry environments).The typical application areas for Tassu-EDF are bio mass combustion, under fired hamburger char broiling, crematoriums, glass manufacturing, metal foundries, etc., where the process creates small and nano particles.